FitBox October has Shipped!

Hey FitBoxers,
We’re trying few new ideas this month, and we’d love to know what you think. Many FitBox members have requested samples from the same manufacturer, so you can try multiple products from the same company at the same time. We think its a great idea!

With this goal in mind, we’re highlighting 4 products from one of the original sports nutrition companies, PowerBar. Although PowerBar has been around since the 80s, we wanted to re-introduce you to their most popular products as well as a few new ones.

We’re also changing our packaging in an effort to reduce our environmental impact. You’ll notice this month’s mailer packaging is smaller in physical size, which reduces the amount of paper used to ship your FitBox by almost 75%! Also, your FitBox is now made from 100% recycled material, further reducing our impact on the planet.

We’d love to hear from you regarding these changes. What you think about our new packaging design and product strategy? Feel free to share your thoughts!

– Ben
FitBox Founder

P. S. Thanks to everyone who voted in our September product poll. The winner was Fluid Nutrition’s Raspberry Lemonade Hydration formula, with 29% of the vote.