FitBox January has Shipped!

Hey FitBoxers,
Happy new year! Now that the holiday season is behind us, its time to get ready for the spring training season. I definiteluy need to put in some serious base mileage, no matter how cold it is outside.

We’re kicking 2013 off by highlighting a few bars from our friends at CLIF. You’ve probably tried CLIF’s standard bars, so we’ve included a few of their lesser known, but just as yummy options. The Kids bar was a big hit last September, so we’re including a second flavor this month. I pretty much live on CLIF Mojos, so I hope you like them too.

Folks seemed to love the Bora Bora Bars, so we included an additional flavor this month. We’ve also included a second flavor of RAW Revolution bars, and a new flavor option from Trace Minerals.

For those of you who received FitBox as a gift – welcome aboard! And to everyone out there in FitBox-land, we wish you the very best in 2013!

– Ben
FitBox Founder

P. S. Have you seen any interesting products? Let us know what you’d to sample in 2013!