FitBox February has Shipped!

Hey FitBoxers,
I hope you’re not freezing your butts off too bad this winter. The good news is spring is just around the corner, so warmer days are coming soon.

This month we’ve included two new flavors from our friends at PR Bar. PR Bar is located right here in Southern California in Carlsbad. Carlsbad is famous for the fastest 5k run on the planet, the Carlsbad 5000, as well as the Carlsbad Marathon. I’m not sure if PR Bars will help you fun faster, but they do make for a nutritious snack. Enjoy!

Quite a few FitBox members enjoyed our previous sample of Super C, so we’ve included a new flavor as well as a new product from the same company, PureKick. PureKick is similar to an traditional electrolyte mix, but includes a boost of caffeine. PureKick is great when you don’t need to replace carbs, and I’ll admit I sometimes drink one on the way to work when I don’t have time for coffee (work is a workout after all).

Have a great February, and we’ll see you next month!

– Ben
FitBox Founder

P. S. Enjoy the Clif Kids fruit rope – you gotta have a little fun sometimes!