FitBox March has Shipped!

Hey FitBoxers,
We often receive requests for products low in sugar, so this month we’ve included a new protein bar from PowerBar which is specifically designed to be lower in sugar. Low sugar options are becoming more popular these days, so we’ll do our best to include more low sugar samples in the future. What do you think?

This month we’re going back to nature with an Omega3 daily supplement, and good old fashioned almonds. If you’re into CrossFit, you’ll love Cromega’s Omega3 “squeeze” product since there’s absolutely no fishy aftertaste. You joints will thank you!

We’ve also included a reminder that nature often creates the best snacks. Almonds make for a great snack when you need energy for the long haul, and this lightly salted option is perfect for stuffing in your cycling jersey. Plus, the small size will keep you from eating way too many in one sitting (once I eat the first almond, I can’t stop).

See you next month!

– Ben
FitBox Founder

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